How To Take Great Photos By Taking Your Camera Off AUTO

Whether you have just bought your digital camera or have had it for a number of years, this book will show you how to take the camera off of AUTO mode and how to use the Manual mode.

Using the AUTO mode is great as a starting point while you are learning how to use the camera. However, the AUTO mode is very limiting and the camera does not always create the effects that you want to achieve.

For example, would you like to be able to take photos of your loved ones and blur the background so the focus is on them and not distracted by background noise? Take great landscape shots where the whole scene is sharp? Perhaps you would like to freeze or blur a moving subject? Or maybe you would like to stop the flash firing in auto, washing out all the colour in your shot. Whatever you want to do, this book will teach you the skills you need to take control of your camera by using the manual mode.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take great photos? To capture those special moments and images of loved ones?

The good news is that in this book we have made it very easy for you to understand.

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Mastering Manual Photography Training

The book includes:

  • How a camera works
  • Creating perfectly exposed photos
  • Manging ISO and reducing noise
  • Choosing the right aperture
  • Using depth of field to your advantage
  • Changing shutter speed for sharp or blurry photos
  • Using aperture priority mode to create great effects
  • Photograph moving objects with shutter priority
  • Using manual mode to create the perfect photo

Many of our clients tell us how they decided to spend a bit extra to get a better camera only to find that what it gave them was more functions that they just do not understand.

A good camera is a big investment and they can give lots of pleasure once you know how to use them. However, if you are only using the auto mode, we hate to tell you this but you are wasting your money.

Understanding and confidently using manual mode, aperture priority mode and shutter priority mode will allow you to more fully utilise your camera and start taking great photos.

“Thoroughly recommended” From tripadvisor

This book will cover all of those modes in simple to understand plain English with practical exercises to ensure that you really understand how to use this powerful functionality.

You could waste your time trawling the internet, reading generic photography books or try to teach yourself. However, this book will allow you to read the whole course and complete the exercises in around two hours. That is right, in just two hours you will have the knowledge you need to take control of your camera and to start taking the photos you want.

The course within this book has been specially designed and refined to teach you in a way that is easy to understand in the shortest time possible. Saving you time and frustration.

Mastering Manual Photography Training

This book is written by Paul Darvell.  Paul is the founder of Henley-on-Thames Photo Walks, a hugely successful photography training company. The clients that Paul trains pay hundreds of pounds to train 1-2-1 with him.

This Mastering Manual book has been created from the feedback of Paul’s 1-2-1 clients. You get access to this market leading training and all of Paul’s specially designed exercises to allow you to master the manual mode on your camera for a fraction of the cost.

The course has 2 main sections. Section One gives you the required photography and camera knowledge. Section Two contains exercises to put that knowledge into action so that you fully understand how to master the manual mode on your camera. 

Like all of Paul’s photography courses and books, this book has been tried, tested and refined by Paul based on the feedback of his clients to ensure that by the end of this book you are taking great photographs and confidently using your camera. 

“If I can be taught to use my camera anyone can. A very patient knowledgeable instructor”. From tripadvisor

Mastering Manual Photography Training

100% Guarantee

If you are not happy with our book, just let us know within 30 days of purchasing and we will give you a 100% refund.

“I would rate you 5 out of 5” From SB from Oxfordshire, UK.

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