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If you are frustrated with your mediocre photos, learn to take control of your camera by mastering the manual mode

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This free report will introduce the knowledge you need to take your camera off AUTO, master manual and take great photos!


AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE: This book is a comprehensive course covering everything that you need to know to master the manual mode on your camera.


Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK: A 2 hour course with the author of Mastering Manual. Learn directly from the author.

What is Covered

become confident with your camera
Mastering Manual Photography Training

How a Camera Works

laying the foundations

To understand photography you need to understand what your camera does.

Mastering Manual Photography Training


let there be light!

Exposure is the key to perfect photos. There are three factors for perfect exposure.

Mastering Manual Photography Training


Sensitivity To Light

ISO effects exposure but if you get it wrong the photo will be dark or 'spotty'.

Mastering Manual Photography Training


Where the confusion happens

Aperture, f-stops and depth of field can easily cause confusion. Don't panic, we make it simple and easy to understand.

Mastering Manual Photography Training

Shutter Speed

To Blur or not to blur...

Sometimes you want to show movement, other times you do not, with auto it is often pot luck - not any more...

Mastering Manual Photography Training

Aperture Priority

Tricks of the trade

Want to blur the background? Want the whole photo sharp? Your wish is my command...

Shutter Priority

Shutter Priority

For the moving subject

Want to tell a story? No problem.

Mastering Manual Photography Training

Manual Mode

take control of your camera

Once you know how to use manual mode, you will be controlling your camera, not the other way around.

Mastering Manual Photography Training

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No Quibble

If you are not happy with our book or course, just let us know and we will give you a 100% refund.

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If I can be taught to use my camera anyone can. A very patient knowledgeable instructor. Thoroughly recommended.

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I would rate you 5 out of 5

SB from Oxfordshire, UK

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